…before she would have gone crazy. In September on our way to Ruggerfest in Aspen Colorado we stopped in Las Vegas to do a removal. A removal that turned into six more by the time we left there. I had asked Carey who is producing our show if there was anyone she knew that might be attached and needed a removal done. She said she would get back to me. Two days before we were to depart she called and said her friend Bonnie had a brother who had fallen on really hard times and could we check on him. She gave me his information and I checked with my sister. We found he had multiple attachments. It’s bad enough when you have one but when others hop on you can have real problems. We told everyone to meet at one thirty at Bonnies’ house. We could only allot one hour since we had so much driving ahead of us. We have the process down to a near science and once we arrived we went right to work. The brothers name was Bob. I tranced him immediately and Marcos followed right behind. Once in Marcos detailed how long Bob had had the attachments and what they were doing to him. They wanted to drink and they were keeping him depressed. They tend to like dark negative things. This is what empowers them. We spent a half hour clearing him and as Marcos finishes sealing the energy field he turns and says ” Bonnie has two also.”  I felt she was attached after I had first met her. She had wanted to cover her problems to us but Marcos had picked up on them effortlessly. She started to open up and said she had been seeing a psychiatrist the last five months. Strange things had been happening to her since her mothers death in April. She started hearing voices and then the headaches started. She thought it was her mother talking to her from the grave. Bonnie went on to tell us her husband had hired a caretaker for her to help her watch over their three children. What happened was Bonnie started finding herself in different parts of the house all the time. One moment she would be in the bedroom and the next in the garage. She couldn’t remember how she got there. What was going on was the attachment would take over and walk to different parts of the house then allow Bonnie back to consciousness. Bonnie felt she was going nuts. She had just been prescribed Zoloff and was reluctant to start taking it. Marcos went on to detail to her how the second attachment came on her right after her mothers death during her long bout of depression. The attachment wanted to send her to the crazy house and this was just the begining. It was scratching on her brain causing the headaches so there was never any true rest for her. She traded places with her brother and we went to work again. We knew her mental health was more important than our timeline.  Bonnie tranced easily and Marcos went back to work. Twenty five minutes later she was clear and sealed and ready for life again. We had to leave knowing her other brother was also attached and we told them we would stop on the way back from Aspen to finish our job there. Bonnies whole family had been attached. Two brothers, her sister, her husband and her father. As we say ” They Run in Families”. From that day on Bonnie no longer had the headaches, the voices in her head were gone and she never lost conscousness again. They were able to let the caregiver go and she stopped going to the psychiatrist. She had her family back and her life back again. We love to tell these stories.